The Ain’t Misbehaving’s Canine Sleep Over Family

Audrey de GasterAudrey founded Canine Sleep Over in 1996 after transitioning from the corporate world into dog training and canine care. She has found her true calling and loves every day she gets to spend with her furry friends.
RhondaApril 2007 is when Rhonda came aboard. Her past experience includes working for a Labrador breeder from which she gained invaluable knowledge of dog behavior. All of our furry clients and their owners adore her. It’s our pleasure to have her with us.
GabbyGabby is our newest addition. Our neighbor woke up on Dec 19, 2009 and found her on his door step. We searched for her owners but with no success. Gabby is a wonderful young child, who’s full of energy. She is a pleasure to be around and all the 4 legged and 2 legged friends love playing with her.

Here at Ain’t Misbehaving’s Canine Sleep Over, our goal is to provide your four-legged family member with a wonderfully comfortable place to stay. Your pet is considered part of our extended family when they stay with us.